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World Hwa Rang Do® Association (WHRDA)

Membership Information

The World Hwa Rang Do® Association is dedicated to governing the martial and healing art of Hwa Rang Do® and its undergraduate art Tae Soo Do®. In order to grow for the future and retain an honorable reputation that all practitioners can be proud of, this Association is involved in many actions / public works, that benefit the art, dojangs, and practitioners. Some of these actions come in the form of individual school support, special education and training, business development, scholarships, and legal action that is necessary to protect our art from those who attempt to damage its reputation. The WHRDA is the sole governing body of Hwa Rang Do® / Tae Soo Do®, and through its efforts a proud and reputable martial art identity will be passed to the future generations.

The support of general funds for these positive endeavors comes from all of the members of our art, and can be broken down into the following categories: INDIVIDUAL - CORPORATE - PROFESSIONAL. Along with membership fees, Black Belt / Black Sash annual dues, branch testing / licensing fees, and profits from merchandise/seminars/tournaments also go to the general funds. Lastly, there are special donations that are given to the art by those individuals who have a love for this martial art and the benefits it has given. Again, all of these funds are used for the benefit of all true members of Hwa Rang Do® and our future generations.

Membership Benefits:

New Member Fee: walk in: US $40+ $20 Student Manual, or mail in US $65
{Annual Renewal Fee: walk in: US $40, or mail in: US $45}



 The WHRDA membership application is a PDF file for your printing convenience. Download and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you do not have Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded on the Adobe Site for free.) Print the application out, fill it out completely, then send in.

Click Here for Application Form



A. Honorary

A. Academy - US $400.00 A. Benefactor - US $25,000.00 +
B. Gold - US $1,000.00 + B. School or Club - US $200.00 B. Supporting Member -US $10,000.00 +
C. Silver - US $500.00 + C. Black Sash - US $100.00 C. Sustaining Member - US $5,000.00 +
D. Red - US $250.00 +
D. Associate Member - US $2,500.00 +
E. Blue - US $100.00 + E. Annual Member - US $1,000.00 +
F. Annual - US $40.00 +$20 Manual



Section 7.01 Categories of Membership - Membership in the WHRDA is composed of the following categories: Students / General; Black Belts; Corporate; Honorary; Professional.

Section7.02 Student / General Members - Defined: Anyone who practices the martial art of HWA RANG DO® and/or the martial sport of TAE SOO DO® is considered a student until otherwise amended. Members who are not included in the other categories fall into the category of Student / General membership and are dues paying members.

Section 7.03 Black Belts - Defined: Any individual who has successfully met the requirements set forth in the student manual and tested for and received their black belt through the WHRDA. They are dues paying members who enjoy the privileges of student/ general membership.

Section 7.04 Corporate or Company Members - Defined: Any Business entity or business organization which has or seeks to develop a company policy to actively engage in the development of business relations coupled with the instruction of HWA RANG DO® and/or TAE SOO DO® for its officers / employees; and /or a supporting / sponsorship type role in the furthering of the WHRDA's stated goals and has demonstrated such efforts may become a corporate member upon approval of their application for membership by the Board of Directors. Corporate members may serve on the Advisory Board , pending approval by the Board of Directors. They are dues paying members who are not entitled to vote on matters brought before the Professional Voting Membership.

Section 7.05 Honorary Members - Defined: Honorary members are individuals (or Companies) who have made notable and significant contributions to further the goals of the WHRDA. These distinguished individuals are appointed by the Board of Directors and are not required to pay financial dues. These members are invited to participate in all WHRDA activities, but are not entitled to vote on matters brought before the Professional Voting Membership.

Section 7.06 Professional Members

7.06.01 Defined: A professional membership is declared when it is the intent to disperse the teachings of the martial art(s) of HWA RANG D O® and/or TAE SOO DO® There are two sub-divisions of professional members in the WHRDA: a) Voting Members, and b) Non-Voting Members with their specific rights, benefits and duties set forth in these bylaws. The professional member must have agreed to and signed the WHRDA/Professional Member Agreement form (WHRDA Form # A-013) and to abide by the attached rules and regulations.
7.06.02 Voting Members - Until otherwise amended, only Board of Directors and Officers on the Board are voting members in the WHRDA, with each member entitled to one vote.
7.06.03 Non-Voting Members - Until otherwise amended, the remainder of the WHRDA membership is in the category of non-voting membership.
7.06.04 Duties - All duties, responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the Rules and Regulations and Professional Member Agreement must be adhered to.

Section 7.07 Good Standing - In addition to compliance with the other requirements of membership which may be set forth in these bylaws and Rules and Regulations or by resolutions of the board of directors, WHRDA members must pay their annual membership fees within 30 days of receipt of their WHRDA invoice in order to remain a member in good standing. Only members in good standing are entitled to vote (when applicable) and/or are entitled to participate in the activities and benefits of the WHRDA .

Section 7.08 Transfer of Membership - Membership in the WHRDA may not be transferred for any reason.

Section 7.09 Membership Termination / Suspension / Expulsion/ Rank Reduction:

7.09.01 Defined: Following the determination of the objectionable conduct by the Judicial Committee, a member may be terminated, suspended, expelled or reduced in rank for a violation of an established policy of the Association, as indicated in these bylaws and in the attached rules & regulations. Acts that violate the membership code of ethics, the Board of Directors shall take appropriate action after the matter has been reviewed by the Judicial Committee and has considered their recommendation.
7.09.02 Future Amendments - These bylaws may be amended to provide for additional membership qualification requirements. Additionally, the Board of Directors may also establish membership qualification requirements. However, any such additional requirements shall not eliminate any existing members remaining eligibility so long as they are in good standing and have not violated any provisions of the Rules & Regulations.

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