Go Too Gi (Grappling) Rules and Requirements

Mandatory Equipment:

• Proper WHRDA endorsed Grappling Uniform
• For men and Boys, Groin Cup Mandatory
• Must have all finger and toe nails trimmed.
• Must have hair tied back if long hair.
• Cannot wear any form of jewelry: Includes but not limited to glasses, rings, toe rings, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets etc.

Not Allowed:

• Striking of any sort with any part of the body to any part of the body, gauging of the eyes, biting, hair grabbing, pinching,
• No knees on neck.
• No finger cranks – must hold at least three fingers for any grabs to the fingers for the purpose of control or escape, but not for attempt to submit or break.


Take downs, throws, joint locks (wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip), joint compressions (elbow, knee, spine), chokes, neck cranks, and pressure points

5 minutes non-stop
Takedowns & Throws – must end up on top on the ground with dominant control in order to receive points for takedowns or throws.

• Leg pick-ups, Body Scissors, Midsection Takedowns & Sweeps - 2 points
• Hip Throws, Shoulder Throws, & Souflex - 3 points

Positioning - You must maintain control and dominance within the secured position for a minimum of 3 seconds in order to receive the points for positioning.

• Guard - 2 points
• Side Mounts (Upper, Lower, Reverse) - 2 points
• Um/Yang Position (Um/Yang, Inside, Outside) - 2 points
          ~ Note (once an Um/Yang position is established, then switching from any variations of the Um/Yang position are not awarded points)
• One Knee Position (Knee on Stomach, Knee on Chest) - 2 points
• Mounts (full, upper, seated, reverse seated) – 3 points
• Rear Mounts (from bottom, from top, one-leg grapevine) - 3 points
         ~ Note (both legs must be hook around the opponent in order to receive the points, the one-leg grapevine is not the same a having one leg hooked around the opponent)
• Reversal (switching from bottom to top or from front to rear) 2 points
• Escapes of opponent’s guard, mount position or any secure position and escapes from any submission techniques - 1 point

Near-fall – 3 points
          ~ Note (This is a new rule which is taken from wrestling where the competitor almost pins his opponent. This new rule should motivate the competitor to attempt more submissions and create a more exciting match. However, the submission technique must be acquired securely with good form and not just an attempt at a submission can receive the points for a Near-fall.)
Fouls & Penalties:  
Any violation of the rules is subject to a warning.
First Warning – Deduction of three points
Second Warning – Deduction of three points
Third Warning – Disqualification
The judging is done by one center referee who calls out the points as they occur during the match and only the center referee can start or stop a match.
• One score keeper
• One time keeper
Simple, you win when the opponent taps out. If there is no submission, that is when the scores will be totaled and whoever has the most points wins.