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               Tae Soo Do® - " The Way of The Warrior Spirit "


Tae Soo Do® was developed for the beginner martial artist, both children and adults. It is our Undergraduate Program, and is the prerequisite to the Graduate level of the Hwa Rang Do® Program. Tae Soo Do® focuses on the fundamentals, basic concepts, and mechanics underlying the physical realm of training, while also developing a greater understanding of the philosophies inherent in the practice of a martial art.

While it is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do®, the Tae Soo Do® program is a fantastic form of recreation for betterment of mind and body.

Martial Skills:

As the Tae Soo Do® program is geared toward developing a foundation of Hwa Rang Do® principles, the undergraduate student will still learn both hard/linear and soft/circular skills. The curriculum of the Tae Soo Do® program includes:

* Linear and Circular Kicking
* Linear and Circular Blocks and Hand Strikes
* Combinations: Kick-Boxing
* Practical self-defense Techniques
* Basic Joint Manipulation
* Basic Take Downs and Throws
* Basic Ground Fighting and Choking
* Weaponry: Nunchuck, Long Staff, Sword
* Beginner to Advanced Forms: Weapon and Open Hand
* Sparring: Light to Medium Contact
* Basic Acrobatics and Falling Techniques
* Stretching and Agility Drills

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