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               Chong BonBu Dojang - " World HQ House of the Way "

This World Headquarters Academy has been located in the same spot in Downey for over 39 years! since 1968. For those of you that live nearby you have probably seen us in downtown Downey over the years, perhaps even when you were children.
Being in the same location for so many years brings us great pride. There have been a number of local families involved here at our school for multiple generations - there are some families where not only the parents and child have trained here, but also 3 generations from grandparents to grandchildren!

We have a moved to March 2007, new location very large and spacious facility with mats. our 20,000 square foot building in the 13762 Newport Ave., Second Floor, Suite #201~ #204, City of Tustin Orange county. Tel (714) 731-5425(KICK)

We should also mention that if you also need any medical attention from any type of ailment there is the DONGKOOK HEALTH CARE CENTER directed by our art founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee O.M.D., Lac., Ph.D. The office is in the same location at 13762 Newport Ave.,
Second Floor, Suite # 205, of the main Hwa Rang Do® Building. The phone number to the health care center is
Tel (714) 838-6789 Fax (714) 731-5420
Website: www.doctoromd.com
E-mail: drjoobanglee@doctoromd.com



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